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A bespoke landscape design is something that you’ve always wanted -- it’s the right colour, style and fits every aspect of your outdoor living space.


Let’s turn your imagination into a reality


Andreas Christodoulou Architectural Associates can put together a beautiful landscape where you can have water features, turfs, paving and flower beds of your choice. If there’s anything else that you want to include in your landscape design, we are open to suggestions.


Years of experience at work


Our landscaping experts have worked on countless landscape projects, which means we have a wealth of references in our arsenal. Based on who you are and what you want, we can come up with unique ideas that are fully aligned with your expectations.


We divide up the outdoor space into primary and secondary areas. The primary area is what we create from scratch. Every element that goes in here is tailored to your unique requirements. Whereas the secondary area is enriched with popular trends that enhance your property’s curb appeal.


As a result, you get a landscape that is unique at its core and adaptable on the surface.


Call now to discuss your requirements.

Landscape Design

12 publications based on ranging subjects from the history of Old Kent Road to Japanese Aesthetics.

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