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Bespoke Interior Designs Created Around You

An interior design is a reflection of your taste, lifestyle and what you stand for. It’s about creating desirable living spaces that make you feel right at home, and something that you can show off to your guests too. We feel you!

Whether you are building from scratch, renovating or contemplating an extension, you can make the most of your build cost with our creative interior design solutions. Our interior designers can help you optimise available space and budget to add staggering value to your property.

Andreas Christodoulou Architectural Associates provide a comprehensive interior design service that focuses on quality and detail. From choosing the right materials to visualising what goes where and topping everything with perfect lighting and decor, we can get you as close as possible to the home of your dreams.

Every tiny detail in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room will be created in-house to ensure the high level of quality. Using our advanced 3D modelling software, we can give you an idea of how your interiors are going to look upon completion. This is also where several design mistakes and unwanted elements are eliminated so that you get the perfect space -- exactly how you want it.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.


Interior Design

12 publications based on ranging subjects from the history of Old Kent Road to Japanese Aesthetics.

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